How to draw Dwarf

How to draw hunter Dwarf from World of Warcraft. Learn to draw a male hunter Dwarf from a drawing video lesson. We also include step by step images with in depth detail drawing instruction inside the post. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a hunter Dwarf, one of playable races from World of Warcraft. This drawing took me about twenty minutes to draw just for tutorial purpose, nothing fancy. It takes me longer to write each blog post than just drawing. You will learn how to draw a Dwarf’s head, body and his costume as a hunter profession. First, I usually start drawing the character using simple geometry shapes. It is an easy way to sketch out just shape first then draw over.
The Dwarves are a short, strong race. Their skin colour can be from a dark gray to a human tan. Originally a race of miners, due to a recent discovery that uncovered fragments of their ancient origin, they have changed their focus to archaeology. Dwarves are an ancient race descended from the earthen—beings of living stone created by the titans when the world was young. Due to a strange malady known as the curse of flesh, the dwarves’ earthen progenitors underwent a transformation that turned their rocky hides into soft skin. Ultimately, these creatures of flesh and blood dubbed themselves dwarves and carved out the mighty city of Ironforge in the snowy peaks of Khaz Modan.

Here is a final drawing of hunter Dwarf from World of Warcraft.

dwarf hunter world of warcraft How to draw Dwarf

dwarf world of warcraft hunter

Watch the drawing video tutorial, how to draw a hunter Dwarf.

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Below are step by step images how to draw hunter Dwarf.

how to draw dwarf hunter How to draw Dwarf

how to draw Dwarf

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  • Fabio

    At 09:06 and 09:11 a circle to pick colors comes up. How can I use that tool? Thanks a lot for all the tutorials, your art is great.

  • Xia Taptara

    It is just a normal color picker.