How to draw Eden Mccain

How to draw Eden Mccain from Heroes. Learn to draw Eden Mccain comics style from step by step with instruction. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Eden Mccain in the comics style that resemble Nora Zehetner the actress. You will learn to draw facial structure or portrait of a Eden Mccain from a TV series Heroes.
Eden Mccain is a Company operative with the power of persuasion, to control others through verbal communication. Born “Sarah Ellis”, her father left her to live with her stepmother at an early age, which caused her stepmother to blame her for her father’s actions and to abuse her for it. She discovered her power after saying “I wish you’d just die!” to her, which caused her heart to instantly stop beating.
Eden runs into Chandra’s son Mohinder Suresh after his encounter with the phony exterminator in the hallway outside of Chandra’s apartment in Brooklyn. Eden is eager to assist Mohinder with investigating his father’s theories, and the two of them become friends. She also becomes close to Chandra’s son, Mohinder, who continues his father’s research after his death. Eden later assists the Haitian in capturing Sylar, and insists to Noah that Sylar be killed. When the Company refuses to allow this, she tries to take matters into her own hands by forcing Sylar to commit suicide. However, Sylar stops her before she can do so, and she takes her own life to prevent him from gaining her power.

Here is the final drawing of Eden Mccain from Heroes.

eden mccain heroes drawing How to draw Eden Mccain

Eden Mccain Heroes drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw Eden Mccain from Heroes or Nora Zehetnet.

how to draw eden mccain heroes How to draw Eden Mccain

How to draw Eden Mccain Heroes

eden mccain heroes drawing How to draw Eden Mccain

Eden Mccain Heroes drawing

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