How to draw Xun

How to draw Xun in defiant expression. Learn to draw a Manga character, Xun, expresses defiant or rebellious act. The character drawing in this post is an example of a person who are defying or resisting some established authority. Well, it might come off similar to confident expression. Then character in here is Xun from my comics, she is a member of a rebellious force or the resistant to the Qing government. Formerly called the Boxer Rebellion, also known as Boxer Uprising or Yihetuan Movement, was a proto-nationalist movement by the “Righteous Harmony Society” in China. Earlier years, they were oppose to the Qing government, but in late 1800, they turned to oppose the foreign imperialists instead. It was a period of confusion no direction, all the powerful generals become warlords of their own domains.

Anyway, the comics is a lot more fun than real history.
Here is a drawing of Xun

manga xun drawing How to draw Xun

Manga Xun drawing

Below are step by step how to draw Xun.  Step one, I started off with drawing some shape for her head, similar to egg shape.  Step two, I drew two horizontal lines and a vertical line to measure where I would place her eyes, nose, and mouth.  Step three, I drew her eyes between the two horizontal lines.  Her nose is half way from lower horizontal line and bottom of her shin.  Her mouth can be anywhere above half way of her nose and chin.  Step four, now I drew simple shapes for her body, arms and fists.  Step five, I added her hair style and her costume.  Step six, I clean up skechy line and darken final line drawn.

how to draw manga xun How to draw Xun

how to draw Manga Xun

manga xun drawing How to draw Xun

Manga Xun drawing

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