How to draw Goofy

How to draw Goofy. Learn to draw a character called Goofy from Kapow Express step by step images with instruction. This one I am just focusing on his face. It is in 3/4 view. I also painted over the drawing and use it as part of book over image. Goofy is one of the guy in the imperial army. His skill is called Lin Kuei, similar a ninja, but not as highly skill in fighting though he is way above average guy. Lin Kuei was a covert agent or mercenary of ancient Tang China specializing in unorthodox sects of Kung Fu. The functions of the Lin Kuei included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open combat if necessary.

Here is an image of Goofy.

goofy drawing How to draw Goofy

goofy drawing Lin Kuei

Below are step by step how to draw Goofy Lin Kuei.   Step one, I drew egg shape with his angular jaw lines.  Step two, I then drew two vertical lines along the front plane.  After that, draw a vertical line to split a face in half.  Then two more horizontal lines to divide the top and bottom facial surface in half.  A nose is half way in between the lower horizontal line and the bottom of the chin.  And half way between the nose mark and the bottom of the chin half way should be where his mouth is.   Step three, I begin to draw darker line for his eyes and eyebrows.  Step four, I then sketch out his whole facial feature.  Step five, I applied some basic shadow on the lower part of the face.

how to draw goofy How to draw Goofy

how to draw goofy Lin Kuei

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