Draw Manga running forward

How to draw Manga character running forward or toward the camera. Learn to draw Manga in a running pose. This simple drawing lesson will help you learn to draw a cartoon of a man running toward a camera. Drawing a character in an accurate position can be difficult at time. But my secret usually is to simplify a figure and break it down into piece of geometry. Also in the final drawing, I add motion lines which are very common in Manga drawing practice. Motion lines can a crucial part of drawing within your panel. They vary from the simple one line to the more complex, full background motion lines. To the right is an example of the single line of motion. One could add more lines but one gets the point across just fine. In this example, action lines are drawn in to the center of an image as a focal point.

Here is a final image of Manga guy running forward.

manga run toward camera Draw Manga running forward

Manga run forward drawing

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Below are step by step images showing you to draw.  Step one, I prepared simple shapes for his head.  Step two, I drew in his eyes, nose and mouth.  Step three, I added shapes for his body, arms gesture and his teeth.  Step four, I drew his hands, forearms and forward moving leg.  Step five, I drew more detail for his ninja like outfit.  Step six, I cleaned up and finalize the image.

how to draw manga run forward Draw Manga running forward

how to draw Manga run forward

manga run toward camera Draw Manga running forward

Manga run forward drawing

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