Tips on drawing female body

Tips on drawing female body. I have a few people request doing a basic female body form so here it is. It’s just a basic model proportion sheet to practice basic female form for beginners. My advice is that it is not flattering drawing female figure as it is shown, it is a model sheets. And very BASIC.
When drawing female or woman, you have to keep in mind their body language, gesture, and movement. You have to find what make them femenine, how sexy female stand or sit or lay. How do they move what kind of poses. How would a tough, but sexy or cute woman would poses…it’s all depend on the personality of the character you want to portray. Though you have to study from real people, from good reference, from movie or any kind of media around you.
One of the best way to practice drawing female figure or male is to attend life drawing (figure drawing) session in your area. They usually hold it at university, art group, etc. Ask around and you will find. It is the best way to study how to draw female (other than coming to my site : ) )

drawing woman tips technique for artist

drawing woman tips technique for artist

Anyway, I believe drawing women should not be static, it should flow with curve, movement, and grace. To represent a female form well enough to capture the audiences, in sketching, drawing, and painting woman and girl alike is one of the most difficult thing every artist has to solve.
Sorry kids! There is no secret, no short cut, fast track (you can may be cheat!) but to be good at it just practice careful observation and keep drawing and drawing and drawing.
The basic female construction sheets: (update 2009)

how to draw woman figure

Woman body model sheet

figure drawing with pen

figure drawing with pen

figure drawing with brush

figure drawing with brush

gesture drawing with pen

gesture drawing with pen

col erase pencil drawing

col erase pencil drawing

figure drawing and shading

figure drawing and shading

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how to draw female figurehow to paint female figure
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  1. Xia Taptara says:

    Bro, if you are looking on the right column of the blog, you will have all the info. They are all there, look around!

    I use gimp and photoshop cs5-6 (It’s very common among professional artists in video game productions)
    Gimp is FREE goto to download
    Also useful to get a tablet, to avoid wrist injury using mouse to draw or paint. Using mouse to draw can cause Repetitive strain injury (RSI). Because Mouse isn’t made for drawing. I rather use pencil or paint brushes.
    I use Wacom intuo 3 medium, but Wacom Bamboo would do just fine if you aren’t serious.
    As for hardware I have Dell XPS desktop and Mac mini as main work stations.

    More tips
    here is how to set it up

    but traditional drawing go to
    5 steps to improve drawing skill

    Look around on the right column of the blog, you should be able to find some key tips you can utilize.

    Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, then more free videos will come


  2. Could you tell me, what programme do you use? I love your pictures drawn by a special pencil brush, and I have no idea where and how did you do that.

  3. John Smith says:

    Careful observation? Will do.

  4. JoKaYo says:

    great line of action , I think the the girl in the first picture is about to fall !! I’m kidding you are an expert of female drawing :)

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