How to paint executioner

How to paint executioner digital painting tutorial. Learn to paint an executioner character design step by step images along with detail instruction. So here is a process update step by step from the last post. In this post, I cleaned up the values on over all figure and give it more light source to the character design. At this stage, I will try to get a clear visual image in big shapes. The tricky part is not to get overly detail too soon on the design, just laying out big shape like underpainting. In addition to applying color, I also changed the pose of the character from generic character model sheet standing into a more natural movement pose.

Another things to remember at this stage also, when painting, try to stay in the middle range of gray between 30-70, no more, no less.

I am still trying to figure the design out and light source at the same time. But the priority is light source, you will have to try to get it as accurate as possible. Then the design comes after, only if when you are doing a model sheet that you reveal every single detail of the character. As for illustration concept, whatever is in the shadow stay in the shadow. You can show off the detail only in the light. It’s tricky and challenging to do. Every time I paint something nowadays, I will try to challenge myself to see if I can push it to the next level from the previous. It doesn’t happen every single time, but I usually learn a lot from mistakes.

I also change the post so that it will give the guy more personality.
When apply color using “overlay” layer, do it in the early or mid stage. Make sure the value range of the color you choose stay in middle range (40-60) otherwise it will drastically change your initial gray scale values. And that could throw everything off.

concept art executioner unfinished How to paint executioner

concept art executioner unfinished

Character Concept Art process painting tutorial update. Here is an update of the Executioner concept illustration.
You can see the previous post, how to draw executioner. Have another roughly 40-50 minute to work on the guy so here it is.

how to paint executioner concept How to paint executioner

how to paint executioner concept

Here is a closed up painting of the executioner.

digital painting process character closed up How to paint executioner

digital painting process character closed up

The Executioner concept art small update on armor detail and more overall metal render stuff.
Yeah, I took cool advice from some other artist that sometimes if you work on only one piece all the time you will get bored. So if you can, you should work on a few images at time so you get fresh eyes and idea whenever you go back to the previous one. Once you get bore with the current concept or illustration work, go work on couple of new ones, then go back and forth.

concept art executioner unfinished How to paint executioner

concept art executioner unfinished

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