How to draw executioner

How to draw executioner character concept art. Learn to draw an executioner step by step images with detail instruction. I usually begin my concept art with thumbnail sketching process for most of my character design for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

In this post, I will show you how I normally create a character concept design process from the beginning to the end. I start this one from really rough line just try to get the silhouette of what I want. I am looking for huge mean guy like the executioner style melee dude. I want to emphasis again that thumbnail sketches are rough drawings, sometimes only comprehensible to the designer, used to explore layout options. These quick pen or pencil sketches allow the designer to try out several ideas and zero in on the most likely layouts before beginning a project.

Creating thumbnail sketches is a crucial part of the brainstorming aspect of your design work. Don’t discount the value of this step in the design process. Since it’s been a little while since I did anything from the ground up. So here it is one of the thumbnail character, Executioner.

For this thumbnail sketch, I took it a little further than usual and try to get the composition and basic values for overall sketch to make sure that this is what I really want before I start really fleshing it out. It took me about 15-20 by far, a little longer than I thought.

concept art tutorial thumbnails How to draw executioner

concept art tutorial executioner thumbnails

Below are step by step how to draw the executioner design process. Normally, I don’t create my initial thumbnail design in Photoshop and Wacom tablet (or any digital drawing and painting program). But if I am short on time at work, I will dive into the computer and draw up thumbnail from there. One really good advantage I found when doing initial design in Photoshop is shading and value. I can shade or paint value in a lot faster than by using pencils or markers.

how to draw executioner character design How to draw executioner

how to draw executioner character design

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concept art tutorial thumbnails How to draw executioner

concept art tutorial executioner thumbnails

drawing executioner character How to draw executioner

drawing executioner character

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