How to paint Asuka Evangelion

How to paint Asuka Langley Soryu from Evagelion. Learn to draw and paint Asuka Langley Soryu. This tutorial I will show you step by step sketch, draw and color Asuka illustration. Evangelion was one of my favorite Anime show when I was younger, how could I not love it. Super cool robots, great story line even though it is kinda weird, and cute female lead characters. Well, I used to like Rei Ayanami, but now that I think about it long enough. I think Rei has issues, big issue like personality disorder of some sort. So she is drop off from my favorite list. Still I like the design of the character. Asuka is always one of my favorite Anime characters, though a bit hot head and aggressive, but she is a lot more normal as a human being.
Anyway, this Asuka painting takes me about 4-5 hours. Well, if she doesn’t look like the one in Anime, it is because I re-imagine or paint her in my own take. It just came to me. I already have the sketch that I select from one of my life drawing sketchbook. I scanned it in then trying to make some sort of cool character out of it. Eva just came to mind, because of the post possibly.
So I begin rough out the red color over the female anatomy sketch. Then add Asuka’s costume design line work. Then I paint over the line. **A lot of you guys ask me if I paint over the line, YES, I do. I always paint over the line and try to make all the line disappear. But half the time I like to leave some lines in on purpose to make it look rough, loose and unfinished appearance.

Here is a final painting of Asuka.

asuka evangelion How to paint Asuka Evangelion

Asuka Evangelion

Here is the original sketch from life drawing I use as a base for Asuka Langley.

10 minutes gesture figure 0011 How to paint Asuka Evangelion

10 minutes figure drawing

Below are step by step how to color Asuka character.

how to color anime evangelion asuka How to paint Asuka Evangelion

how to color Anime Evangelion Asuka

asuka langley How to paint Asuka Evangelion

Asuka Langley

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