How to painting limited color palette study step by step and video tutorial. Many great artists who has been doing lots of painting (digitally and traditionally) recommended that we as artists should study limited color palettes. Why?
It’s kinda like what we can learn from monochromatic and achromatic study as a tool to try to master or practice values.

Here we learn how to utilize colors and values together with limited palette.
By limiting the number of colors you use, you get to truly know the characteristics of each and are able to use it to its full potential. Because Color is fundamental to painting yet it’s easy to be seduced by it and never truly master it. Though you can mix them limited choices of these small number of colors so it doesn’t really mean you’re severely limited in the colors you can produce.

On this particular study I am after one of Sargent’s painting for the purpose of learning after one of my most favorite painters. Trying to mimic the color and values after any masters is one of the best way to learn intuitively and trying to figure out yourself how does it get that result and possibly learning repetitively will help you learn the unspoken lesson from the painting.

Keep in mind that in this exercise, I am not trying to copy it to be exact…or trying to achieve the exact likeness of his masterpiece (it’s impossible 😛 ). I am just looking for mainly studying “VALUES” (light) and “Colors” So basically it’s my goal to make this as a quick study of how he capture the light and how he apply or achieve the strokes resulting in the painting.
I limited myself to spend around 25 mins for the study session. So that it will make me more decisive and focus just like in life session.

I still have a lot to learn so I will probably keep doing the study for maybe (not promise), a few week or so…then get back to my regular routines. Hopefully there are many things that I learn from the process then I really hope to utilize them into my own painting process. And then I will keep continue this master copy study as part of my regular routine. 🙂

Here is the final color sketch study (with the 5 color palettes in the top right corner)

painting limited color palette study

painting limited color palette study

Watch a painting video tutorial, how to paint with limited palette.
**Video is uploading, coming soon**

Below are step by step painting with limited palette process.

how to paint-with limited palette

how to paint-with limited palette

painting limited color palette study

painting limited color palette study

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Painting limited color palette tutorial

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