How to draw people on horseback

How to draw people on horseback. Learn to draw people, archer and warrior, on horseback step by step. In this tutorial, you will learn step by step drawing of people riding horses. These are some quick sketches from last week. Again they are in the same category as the Mongol and Tartar warriors art work I previously posted from a few posts back.
This time they are a variation of the Tartar raiders or bandits on horseback. Archery in Mongolia has had a long and famous history. The Mongol cannot be separated from horse and archery since their survival depends on them. The type of bow that they use is called “recurved composite bow.” renowned for its military effectiveness. The old Mongolian bows that were used during the times of Genghis Khan were smaller than the modern weapons used at most Naadam festivals today. Modern Mongolian bows are larger and have string bridges. The modern design is very similar to the Manchurian bows used by the Chinese military during the Qing Dynasty. Rumor has it that when the Manchu conquered China and part of Mongolia, Mongolian archery was officially outlawed in Mongolia, along with Kung Fu practice in mainland China for fear of up rising of people who are very skill in these deadly martial arts.

Legend has it from an inscription on a stone stele was found near Nerchinsk in Siberia: “While Chinggis (Genghis) Khan was holding an assembly of Mongolian dignitaries, after his conquest of Sartaul (East Turkestan), Yesüngge (the son of Chinggis Khan’s brother) shot a target at 536 meters. Since achieving independence of Mongolia in 1921, the Government has promoted our traditional archery skills. Although few of us can still shoot well on horseback, many practice traditional archery on foot.

Here is one of the final archers on horseback sketches

archers on horseback How to draw people on horseback

archers on horseback drawing

Below are step by step how to draw people or archers on horseback.

how to draw archers on horses How to draw people on horseback

how to draw archers on horses

Here is another step by step drawing of two warriors on horses.

draw people on horseback How to draw people on horseback

draw people on horseback

Final sketch of a warriors on horses.

warrior on horse How to draw people on horseback

horse riding warriors

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