Bounce light or under lighting tutorial

Bounce light or under lighting tutorial. I thought I finished the “Agent Pink” (Anime girl) since the last post, but I could not help looking back at the piece I did prior to this “Rogue Sword” aka Samurai girl here Digital painting process character. Then I thought how would I make it at least up to the par or could it possibly be better in term of artistic execution.
So I had to repaint the “Agent Pink” and it take me a while to figure out how to turn this one in to something that is NOT realistic looking but a good looking piece.
So I start playing around and give it under lighting or bounce light, changing the background color, then everything sort of comes together in the end. Then I really like how the bounce light I painted turn out, especially on her green form fitting suit. Then I struggle with the face so I thought I changed her expression and it works! It takes a lot of experimenting, thinking and time.
Bounce light by definition
Light bounced into a reflective surface (a wall, a ceiling, a studio umbrella, a card) to illuminate a subject with softer light, reducing harsh shadows. The color of the reflective surface will determine the color of the light bounced into the subject.
Bounce lighting can also be created by reflecting light off a ceiling or an reflective floor. Given that bounce lighting can only work through reflection, it also, by definition, tends to be used in more confined, smaller areas where such reflection is possible. Larger areas can’t trap light as well and, therefore, are not the best spaces for it to be utilized.

Bounce lighting is a form of ambient light because, like ambient light, bounce light indirectly illuminates the central object. Not only does it create a more natural feel to a scene, but it also lends a degree of warmth and serenity to the picture.

Below is an image of a character with bounce light.

bounce light under character Bounce light or under lighting tutorial

bounce light under character

Below are image with arrows point out where bounce light direction are.

bounce light direction tutorial Bounce light or under lighting tutorial

bounce light direction tutorial

Below is a character painting without bounce light or under lighting.

character with no bounce light under Bounce light or under lighting tutorial

character with no bounce light under

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