How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman

How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman. Learn to color comics character Susan Storm or invisible woman from Fantastic Four. You will learn from art video lesson and step by step images with instruction. In this tutorial, you will learn to paint a female portrait along with upper body with the new version of Fantastic Four costume. When a sudden loss of funding threatened to derail Reed’s experimental starship project, Reed urged his pilot, Ben, to join him in making an unauthorized test flight before the project shut down. The quartet successfully launched into space, but intense cosmic rays penetrated the ship’s shielding and irradiated the crew, forcing them back to Earth. On landing, they discovered they had mutated into superhumans, and Sue became the Invisible Girl. Initially, her powers were limited to making herself invisible. However, before long Sue discovered she could make other things invisible as well as create force fields of invisible energy.

Here is a final quick painting of Susan Storm.

susan storm fantastic 41 How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman

Susan Storm Fantastic Four

Watch a painting video of Susan Storm quick painting (partially complete).

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Below are step by step process how to paint the first part, Susan’s face or portrait.
While I did a portrait study process, I also around with Photoshop brushes. This post is just a doodle of painting portrait using different Photoshop custom brushes to create the texture and mood that reflect those of oil paint. Usually I would emphasis on starting out with BIG shape and strokes and get them all into the right shape or as close to what you want. Then we can begin to go in and refine them and clean up.
This one suppose to be just 30 mins to an hour speedpainting study, but I could make it in time so it is unfinished at the moment. I will have to work on it still one more sitting to clean up some area, define more edges, and little dark and light here and there then I think it should be complete.
A lot of you are asking me about custom brushes, what I usually emphasis is that really fancy brushes aren’t that necessary if you don’t know how values works. I would strongly recommend that FIRST you master the default Photoshop round hard and soft. Also know how to work with how much or strong paint you should apply onto the painting (or opacity strength), then you can think about custom brushes. Custom brushes are really useful, but you cannot rely on it all the time. Knowing the basic or the foundation is a lot more important in painting than using fancy brushes. To me the custom brushes are totally cosmetic and they can save us a lot of time, but it cannot replace the foundation of what you know and how you know to execute. Most good painting can be made with just default brushes if you know how.

how to paint susan storm How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman

how to paint Susan Storm face

Continued from the first part of the process, I finally have some time to work on the final version of this portrait study. The most challenging part of this one is probably how to manipulate the custom brush and make it work with the image. What I notice during the process is I have to utilize the brush shapes and textures to make it fit within the context of the painting and not over doing it.
It is really fun somehow and difficult at the same time using painterly texture brush shape to try to paint skin and still make it looks appealing. And it’s more challenge and more fun to play around with edge with certain Photoshop custom brushes.
Anyway, I also record the video and it will be released as an expansion three chapter for the feature tutorial Face Constructed II. For those of you who already have it, I will be sending you guys link to download within a few days for free. As you all know once in a while I often release the expansion add to some of the existing tutorial to make it better than it already is. And those of you who have purchased any of idrawgirls’ feature tutorials know that I always send them to you as a thank you surprise release for free when ever I have the expansion chapters. Anyway, this one is one of my better one yet. And I am always trying to make our products better and better as I am progress as an artist.

how to color susan storm f4 How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman

how to color comics fantastic 4

Painting the body and new costume of Invisible Girl (Susan Storm) in process step by step.
After I did a portrait study from a previous post (Tutorial Portrait painting digital) I thought the piece could be further refine as some sort of character design piece. So I am thinking Susan Storm also known as the invisible woman, would be a good fit for the character design. Storm is probably one of my most favorite character of all female characters from Marvel. I try to follow along with the new costume design she has but also with a little spin on her costume by adding a little bit of contemporary fashion design element. Anyway I am hoping to finish it in the a couple more hours.

how to color susan invisible woman How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman

how to color Susan or invisible woman

susan storm fantastic 41 How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman

Susan Storm Fantastic Four

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