How to paint Emma Frost

How to paint Emma Frost, a female character from X-men comics. Learn to paint a female character from video fast demo and step by step images with instruction. Emma Frost X-men first class. Here is the final version of the Emma Frost I was working on. I have to admit that I did a few version of the characters more than I needed to. But for some reason there is some mystical aura about the character that make me want to create or paint her in the right way (well, according to me).
Anyway, I did a drawing tutorial different version of Emma, how to draw Emma Frost X-men.
I thought the piece could be further refine as some sort of character design piece. So I am thinking Emma Frost, also known as the White Queen, would be a good fit for the character design. Frost is probably one of my most favorite character of all female character in X-men, not only she’s beautiful and have full scale sex appeal but also she’s evil in a lot of ways and was one of the X-Men’s most dangerous foes. What can I say, I love bad girls. 😉
In this tutorial, I actually did it slightly different than the previous speed painting (Not time-lapse, actual speed painting). This one is more like a pin up girls painting. Most of the time in painting, I solely focus on lighting and values and more often than not the main light source, what dominant color that might be, will dominate the whole image. But in this one (pin up), I am focusing on more of skin tone and pigment, not the overall lighting. So in this tutorial I am playing around with the variation of the skin colors.
If you are painting pin up and focusing on skin pigment of the character, then it is better to work on painting with color base for skin rather than monochromatic. What I did was working on monochrome to get the very basic values, then early on I assign color base for skin tone. Then I apply the variation of colors and painting color in there with color right of the bat, rather than relying on monochromatic. It is a little more difficult to paint with colors.
But the best way to practice this is probably in life drawing either figure or portrait session. You can just use oil paint or your laptop to do skin color study. While I was working on this illustration, I changed direction a few times. So it took me a long while, probably about 10-12 hours going back and forth. I will show you those images down below on the post.
I try to design her to look like somewhat a typical Emma Frost but also with a little spin on her costume by adding a little bit of contemporary fashion design element. Anyway I am hoping to finish it in the a couple more hours.

Here is a final painting of Emma Frost.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost

Watch the painting video demo of painting Emma Frost.

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Here are step by step, How to draw and paint pin up comics girl, Emma Frost.

draw and color Emma Frost

draw and color Emma Frost

Then below are painting step by step images of Emma Frost.

how to paint Emma Frost

how to paint Emma Frost

Here is a final version of Emma Frost.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost

I’ve been procrastinating or busy with other stuff. Finally, I got some times to finish Emma Frost. Though honestly the outcome of the final image is not what I am expecting. I usually like loose brush strokes and painterly image on my piece. This one is a little bit off from my usual painting. It turns out a bit too tighten and a bit trying a little too hard, in other words I might have went too far. There are things that bothers me in this image, most of all edges. I did not successfully display hard edges, soft edges and lost edges. It is as if poorly accomplished. I wish I could have execute it better in term of painterly (I don’t know what that really meant, but I like it a little more loose). I will probably take this illustration back and rework it again, but now I am just going to let it go for a while. Anyway it does not turn out bad but just different than most of my work or what I am trying to achieve.
On that other hand, I think we all learn something along the way whether we actually nail the final result or not. In the process of making this illustration, I actually discovered some new things and explored territory that I’ve never been. So I’m sure somehow it will strengthen my skill with my next piece. It was a different direction over all. Hopefully the more we paint, the better we will get.

Below is an alternate version that I did before I decided on the final costume.

Emma Frost new costume

Emma Frost new costume

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    Focus on value when painting

    I use a few layers at the time then I merge them all. Focus on value (light and dark). Be honest and trust your eye because your brain will tell you otherwise. Draw what you see, not what you think the object should look like.


    Color read this:
    Using Overlay

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    3 rules of Painting

    Color vs Value
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    What is the opacity and modes of the brushes involved? :)

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