Painting light and shadow in environmental design.

Painting light and shadow in environmental design. Painting Light and Shadow study environmental concept design or visual storyboard scene. This post is a study of light and shadow and how figures or objects in shadow appear differently from the figures or objects that get expose to light.

I am just taking an excerpt from the older post, color vs values tip for artists and what was quoting from the great master Craig Mullins, “Decide what is in light and what is in shadow and don’t mix them up. Two major values, but if they are well thought out and designed and drawn they can look totally real. Think like that, but instead of making the light white and the shadow black, make the light a 70 and the shadow a 30.”

Then look around from some images that have similar lighting situation and compose my own using some part of story I come up with. These guys are running away from something and alley would be a good place to put the kind of lighting into use. So one figure that was ahead run into the shadow of a building when he turns in the corner. And the rest still get expose to light as they just came down the street. I hope that make sense. =)

Here is light and shadow study for environmental concept design.

painting light and shadow tutorial

painting light and shadow tutorial

download photoshop brushes

Below are step by step process from the beginning to final light and shadow exercise.

how to paint storyboard

how to paint storyboard

painting light and shadow tutorial

painting light and shadow tutorial

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