Draw rocket launcher mech robot

How to draw and paint rocket launcher mech robot. Learn to draw and paint Mecha robot from video tutorial and step by step images instruction. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a mech robot in a really quick sketchy way. Then we will paint over the initial design to make it looks more metal like and cool. This tutorial is not really a basic tutorial for beginner artists, but it is not that difficult for beginner either. If you understand how basic light and shadow (value) work then this tutorial should be right up your alley. This is basically a concept art tutorial. This one is a different approach in doing concept than the previous speed painting shadow commander tutorials I did. It usually take me two or three quick try to get comfortable with new technique (as for this one Mecha from environment). Anyway, there might be more mecha tutorial coming, I am in the groove. :)

Here is a final drawing of a rocket launcher Mecha robot.

rocket launcher mech drawing

rocket launcher mech drawing

Watch the video tutorial how to draw rocker launcher mech robot.

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Below are step by step how to draw rocket launcher Mecha robot.  Step 1, I drew a big frame of the robot head and huge bulky body.  I do have some idea before I start sketched it out though.  Step two, now I begin to add more Mecha feature on its face with lights, fans and big chest vent.  Step three, then I painted a solid blue color over the robot body.  **Make sure your line art is separate from the background color layer**  Step four, then I paint basic light and shadow.   Step five, at this point I can start painting on the very top layer over the lines and everything.  The trick to get the car shine color over metal effect is purely using correct value base on how material reflection to light source.  All materials react to light differently, you will have to use your real world observation skill.  Step six, I then start to paint more detail and clean up on its head, body and the rest of the body.  Watch the video lesson for more in dept and detail instruction on how to draw and paint.

how to draw mecha rocket launcher

how to draw mecha rocket launcher

rocket launcher mech drawing

rocket launcher mech drawing

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2 Responses to Draw rocket launcher mech robot

  1. Xia Taptara says:

    Mostly default round. Don’t focus so much on brushes. If you cannot paint anything with default round and make it look good, then fancy brushes wont’ help. In fact, it is a lot harder to implement because of its property (textures, effect). Practice with default, once you are there, you can effectively use the brushes.
    For tablet setting, I use default setting most of the time. Don’t worry so much about that, very minor stuff. Just make sure your pen is pressure sensitive, that is all there is to it.
    Fancy brushes won’t make your art any better than it already is.
    You have to FOCUS on the value (light and dark). Once you nailed it, no matter what brushes you use…the piece will be good.
    Tips on Brushes is you have to understand edges. 1,000 brushes can only produce 3 kind of edges. Hard, soft and lost… no matter how many brushes there is still only 3 edges. Don’t know if you get it now but if you keep painting for years then you will.
    HERE DOWNLOAD brushes:

    I can just use default round, hard and soft to paint, as shown below.


  2. what brushes do use in this tutorial?

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