How to paint Samurai woman

How to paint Samurai woman. Learn to paint Samurai woman step by step process with instruction. In this tutorial you will learn to draw sketch and digital paint over a comics style woman, female samurai or swordsman character design illustration.

This new step by step tutorial is a work over the old drawing of mine. It was a drawing tutorial I made a year ago I think. Now I am slowly picking some of the old sketch, drawing or concept that are worthy of going all the way to possibly finish stage using variety of method or style.
It’s a good exercise for once in a while you should pick some of your older work and upgrade it or redo it totally (if the idea was great but bad execution). But this rogue samurai sketch is alright to begin with so I am just going to paint over the sketch and take it to the finish line, hopefully.
So basically I am focusing on repaint her face and tighten or clean up the rest of the environmental background.
Also, there is no painting video, just step by step.  I need to step up a few knots and get better as a painter, most of the time recording can be very distracting. I want to be able to think, analyze, and observe the work without putting in any brush stroke during the course. Which often take as much time as actual painting itself. So… icon smile How to paint Samurai woman Thinking and planing is hard.
If you are looking for more of simple and typical Anime style drawing tutorials, you can look up on the top bar for desire category.

Here is a final painting of Samurai woman, Ronin or Rogue.

rogue samurai1 How to paint Samurai woman

Ronin samurai woman

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Below are step by step how to paint Samurai woman. If you want to see the previous drawing steps on how I got here go to how to draw Samurai woman.  Step one is an image from the previous drawing tutorial.  Step two, I painted her skin tone and background with color using overlay.  Step three, I simplify the image by painting basic shadow in.  Step four, I add more value range on the part that get hit by the light.  Step five, I paint her skin tone to be a bit richer because it was kind of muted.

painting samurai woman steps How to paint Samurai woman

How to paint Samurai woman

Here is a close up shot.   Step six, I zoom in then work on her face, then clean up the painting and simplify the rest of her body.

digital painting tutorial cu How to paint Samurai woman

closed up Samurai painting tutorial

rogue samurai1 How to paint Samurai woman

Ronin samurai woman

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  • pp shiju

    i have almost completed d painting of tis samurai woman today but wen i tried to save it, i could nt perform it bcos it said dat not enough RAM,it came around 120 mb file size,my p.c configuration is 300 gb+extnded 1 t.b,4 gb ram then also it came like tis,can u pls tell me the possible reasons?????

  • Xia Taptara

    too many layers. flatten them.