How to paint ogre dragon.

How to paint ogre dragon. Learn to paint dragon step by step images tutorial with instruction. In this tutorial, you will learn how to paint a massive giant creature design of an ogre dragon. This is a continuation process from the previous how to draw ogre dragon tutorial. Creature Concept design step by step paint over line art. Here we go again, I am digging out some of the sketches that I did and try to give it a better version or finish it up.
This time, it’s some sort of giant dragon type of creatures. It doesn’t really look like a typical dragon, just a variation of its kind. We do that a lot when we try to concept creatures and see what kind of stuff we can come up with that look different, but not totally far off. It was totally fun because I haven’t really done any creature in long while.

It’s still a work in process and hopefully I will finish it up in a couple more sitting or approximately 3 hours of thinking and couple hours of painting. icon smile How to paint ogre dragon.
Here is what I have so far… here is an ogre dragon painting.

ogre dragon How to paint ogre dragon.

ogre dragon

Below are step by step how to paint ogre dragon.  Step one is from a previous tutorial, link above on the first paragraph.  Step two, I just painted the overall image with background color using cool and warm.  Step three, I painted basic shadow on the dragon body then put more contrast on the environment to create depth of field.

painting dragon tutorial How to paint ogre dragon.

painting dragon tutorial

Step four, now I add multiple light sources from holes above the cave then I painted light onto the dragon’s body.  Step five, now I pay a lot more attention to the dragon figure and paint it with more light and shadow to bring the from out.  Step six, I keep painting on the dragon’s head and body along with all its detail and almost done.  Most of my painting process are basically similar, but sometimes I use different method and approach.  If you want more in depth +3 hours video tutorial with detail instruction go check the premium tutorials.

how to paint ogre dragon How to paint ogre dragon.

how to paint ogre dragon

Premium  TUTORIALS: Over 2 hours of video with in depth drawing instruction. butt fchome02 How to paint ogre dragon. butt fciihome02 How to paint ogre dragon.
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ogre dragon How to paint ogre dragon.

ogre dragon

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