How to draw Nami One Piece

How to draw Nami from One Piece. Learn to draw Anime and Manga character Nami step by step. In this tutorial, you will follow easy to draw instruction along with images that shows you progression of One Piece Anime drawing of Nami. This is a very basic tutorial for beginner, if you already know how to draw Anime then you might as well just skip this tutorial. But if you are new to drawing Anime you might want to also watch the Anime body video tutorial on how to draw Anime girl along with this step by step tutorial. I only spend fifteen minutes drawing this tutorial out since it was a basic tutorial, but I am sure it will be useful to all beginners.
Nami (ナミ), nicknamed as “Cat Burglar” Nami, is a navigator and thief who recognizes and analyzes even the slightest changes in the weather. She is also an excellent 95 Her dream is to draw a complete map of the world. Throughout the series, Nami fights using a three-sectioned bo staff. Usopp later provides her with a version of this weapon capable of controlling weather, called the Clima-Tact.

Here is a quick drawing of Nami.

nami one piece drawing How to draw Nami One Piece

Nami One Piece drawing

Below are step by step process how to draw Nami from One Piece Anime.  Step one, I start with egg shape for her head, then I add her hair on top.  Step two, now I sketch out her eyes, nose and mouth with light construction line.  Make sure they are all in the correct position with measurement.  Since Once Piece facial feature style is so drastically different than real face proportion, you will want to look at the reference for measurement.  Step three, now I sketched out the whole body, at this stage I only use really light line just in case I want to change something later.  Step four, now I drew her irises.  Step five, I can now draw over her existing face construction with darker line.  Step six, I decided to give her bigger smile than the little one.

how to draw nami one piece How to draw Nami One Piece

how to draw Nami One Piece

Step seven, now I can refine her hair and her body proportion.   Make sure they are correct.  Step eight, now I draw over her body with darker lines.  Step nine, clean up the line and done!

draw anime one piece nami How to draw Nami One Piece

draw Anime One Piece Nami

nami one piece drawing How to draw Nami One Piece

Nami One Piece drawing

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