How to draw and paint Mech robot scout

How to draw and paint Mech robot scout. Learn to draw and paint mech robot Video and step by step tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to design Mech or Mecha robot android scout type for concept art or sci-fi illustration. A step by step images will also help you along while watching the video instruction. Whenever I want to start to come up with concept idea, I usually do this speedpainting concept spend about twenty minutes to an hour to get the concept down. You can watch and learn my process of how to put rough idea onto the paper sketching and create sci-fi mech robot concept art online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, and anime.

Here is a final quick sketch of the Mech robot scout.

robot mecha scout

robot mecha scout

Watch the video tutorial how to draw Mech robot scout part 1.

Watch the video tutorial how to paint Mech robot scout part 2.

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Below are step by step images draw and paint Mech robot scout process.  Step one, I just draw random shape with the idea of making it a robot’s head.  Step two, once I decided on the head’s shape then I continue to sketch the body shape out.  Step three, I decided to go with the slim and slick body type and now I can paint in medium gray for its silhouette.  Step four, I pick color red and start render the head of the robot using typical light source.  Step five, I slowly paint the robot to make the material looks like coated metal.   Step six, I get up close to continue painting the torso and the rest of the body.  Step seven, then I continue painting the right arm using the same color and try to maintain the same reflection of the material on surface.  Step eight, I continue on to the lower body and legs.  And finished it up.

how to draw android scout robot

how to draw android scout robot

robot mecha scout

robot mecha scout

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3 Responses to How to draw and paint Mech robot scout

  1. Roboyasa says:

    I’m a 12 year old and I’m hoping to become a professional artist/animator one day… you’re a GREAT inspiration. I have a cintiq wacom, and even with that I can hardly find fitting color techniques. So… yeah this looks like it could really help. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ovi says:

    Great robot! I just love the design of it. It seems almost like you just draw from nothing and end up by getting a masterpiece. I takes me hours to sketch a robot-like outline, and it still sucks lol…

    I am have painted/drawed for 2 years now, and still struggle with highlighting.

    Do you have any videos on that you could show me about highlighting and maybe shadowing? With or without colors?

    Thank you.

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