How to paint lady mastermind

How to paint lady mastermind from X-men step by step process tutorial. This post, you will learn to paint over a drawing using digital painting process. So I pick one of my drawing from the existing drawing tutorial How to draw lady mastermind. Now we will take the drawing further into finished painting or pin ups illustration style. The technique I used in this painting are very simple but it would require a lot of practice. I spend about 4-6 hours painting or coloring this image of lady mastermind. Basically, I started with choosing color scheme and I usually go with first monochromatic because of its simplicity. Then along the painting process I will find a complimentary color as secondary color scheme in the image. As you can see here, the mono scheme is purple or violet, but you can clearly see her bleach blond with slightly gold hair. The reason I decided that because yellow and violet are almost at the opposite end and compliment each other well. The golden hair catches your eyes because of the purple.

Here is a painting of lady mastermind from X-men

lady mastermind How to paint lady mastermind

lady mastermind x-men

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Below are step by step process painting lady mastermind.  Step one is from a previous drawing tutorial I mentioned on the above link how to draw lady mastermind.  Step two, I just paint base color with purple and her skin tone.  You can either use color layer or overlay.  Step three, I just paint her hair on separate normal layer mainly using default soft round brush.  Step four, at this stage I have all the base color cover, I can go in and paint her skin using basic knowledge of light and shadow.  Then I paint her metallic texture onto her body suit outfit.  Done!  The process is very similar to any of my +2 hours premium video tutorial.  This are just a really quick painting steps here.

how to paint comics lady mastermind How to paint lady mastermind

how to paint comics lady mastermind

lady mastermind How to paint lady mastermind

lady mastermind x-men

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