How to draw sister of Sigmar

How to draw sister of Sigmar with big warhammer. Learn to draw and paint a female warrior character with big war-hammer step by step art character design. This is a quick step by step images with instruction. This tutorial is a bit more intermediate so you should basically know how to draw a figure and paint with Photoshop. If you are a beginners, I would recommend looking up on the category on top of the blog, you will find more suitable and useful tutorial. The tutorial will help you understand how to quickly create an rough concept design that turn your idea into visual concept art. I was cleaning up my computer over the weekend and found some of the stuff I did that might be interesting to you guys. Here is a quick color sketch I did a while back that resemble the sisters of Sigmar war band. Sisters of Sigma is the warbands of the sisterhood are led by tough Matriarchs. Their favourite weapon is the warhammer, the instrument of Sigmar, seen as his holy symbol.

Here is a finished rough painting of a character

sister of sigmar hammer How to draw sister of Sigmar

sister of Sigmar character hammer

Below are step by step images showing process of how to draw and paint sister of Sigmar character.  Step one, I just sketch out a really rough female figure from the back.  She is carrying a huge war hammer on her shoulder with two hands.  Step two, I then start laying down base skin color and her red hair with default soft round brush.  Step three, I paint in basic shadow and refine her body.  Step four, then I start to paint her hair, metal gauntlets, and skirt.  The last step, I finished off by painting her face with basic light and shadow.  I actually like the design and the pose so I might work on it a bit more to make her a full fetch character design.

how to draw warhammer How to draw sister of Sigmar

how to draw warhammer sisters of sigmar

sister of sigmar hammer How to draw sister of Sigmar

sister of Sigmar character hammer

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