How to draw tiger

How to draw tiger step by step and video tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a tiger. We will start drawing from the head, then we will finish off with the rest of the body. The step by step images should help you follow along with the drawing video instruction with ease. The tiger is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of up to11 ft and weighing up to 670 lb. Their most recognizable feature is a pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with lighter underparts.
I am not specialize in drawing animals. But I decided that if I start drawing them, I could somehow let people know about what is going on with the wildlife when they search for them on google. So from now on, I will get animal drawing tutorials out every now and then. And along with it, some information about if they are in danger of extinction and how you (WE) could help. I love animals.
FACT: As of 2011, we have lost 97% of our wild tigers in just over a century. With as few as 3,200 remaining, action is needed to increase and strengthen their habitat and protect the species from major threats such as poaching. You can go help the big cats by donating at Sharing is caring.

Here is a finished tiger drawing.

tiger drawing How to draw tiger

tiger drawing

Watch the video tutorial how to draw tiger.

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Below are step by step drawing tiger.  Step one, I draw a simple circular shape for its snout, then a big half circle shape for the head.  Step two, as you see in the image, I draw a nose and mouth onto its snout, then both eyes line up about 2/3 of the head’s height.  Its ears line up right on top of each eye.  Step three, I start shading the whole face with medium gray then draw some fur on his face, cheek, and chin.  Step four, I then start drawing tiger’s stripes.

how to draw tiger face How to draw tiger

how to draw tiger face

Then here are steps for tiger’s massive body.  Step five, I start drawing its front body first with two legs then slowly adding the torso.  Step six, now I draw it pelvis and back legs.  Then I shade it whole body with medium gray but leave its under side lighter value.  Step seven, now its time to add stripes.  And done!

how to draw tiger How to draw tiger

how to draw tiger

Finished drawing!

tiger drawing How to draw tiger

tiger drawing

And below are step by step painting tiger.

how to paint tiger How to draw tiger

how to paint tiger

tiger painting How to draw tiger


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  • David Wachmann

    Thanks Xia, this one was very cool! I tried to draw a tiger with pencil after your tutorial, you can see it at my blog. I love your videos!
    Cheers, David

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