How to draw lady mastermind

How to draw lady mastermind Regan Wyngarde from Marvel X-men. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a female character face, hair, and upper body from drawing video instruction and step by step easy to follow images. The character pose in this image is slightly angle from almost top via front view. The video will show you how to draw a woman face from start to finish along with her blonde hair and torso. Her costume is not too complex, they are just black leather with some circular contour line around the form of her body. Also it is similar to her long gloves. Lady Mastermind is a fictional female villain charecter in the Marvel Comics universe. Lady Mastermind was one of the few mutants to retain her powers following the events of M-Day. She later re-emerged as one of the mutants who had been experimented on by Pandemic, who was trying to discover if mutation could be “caught” like a disease. She was eventually rescued by Rogue’s team of X-Men and subsequently joined them as a temporary member due to the fact that she had a useful power. Lady Mastermind possesses the power to project extremely convincing and realistic illusions into the minds of others.

Here is a drawing of Lady mastermind.

lady mastermind drawing1 How to draw lady mastermind

Lady mastermind drawing

Watch a video tutorial how to draw Lady Mastermind from X-man.

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Below are step by step images how to draw to watch along with the drawing video.  Step one, I begin drawing with oval shape for her head then a few line on the side for hair.  Step two, I then rough out her eyes, nose, and lips on the face very loosely.  Also I draw overall shape of her long straight hair and shoulders.  Step three, since I have her facial structure rough out in stage 2, I can now tighten the drawing up and make her final face.  Step four, I add light gray for her skin and dark gray for her outfit since this will be monochromatic.  Step five, at this stage I start to arrange anatomy for her torso and abdominal and make sure they are in correct position since it is slightly perspective downward.  Step six, now I will just have to finish her costume design in black.  Done!

how to draw lady mastermind How to draw lady mastermind

how to draw Lady mastermind

lady mastermind drawing1 How to draw lady mastermind

Lady mastermind drawing

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