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Photoshop tutorial using color layer mode. This tutorial is about how to use color mode in Photoshop properly. Color mode is one of the really useful feature in Photoshop if use correctly. I probably use overlay and multiply the most to find value for any painting in the beginning of my painting process. Overlay can also be really useful in finding color I want. But for the most part, to finish the painting, I just use general or normal layer to paint. These layer modes can be very helpful to your art process especially if you just want to change something in the painting either in the process or the already finished painting.
Now we are going to talk about color mode and some useful tips and technique I find helpful. Whenever you want to apply color mode, first thing to consider is what is the color of the image that you want to apply to. It is easier to change the original base into gray scale first before apply color mode on top of it.
Second, when you apply your color in color layer on top of the gray scale. The color will be visible most in the middle value range. It will neither apply over white and too light of a shade nor black and too dark. These two tips should now make you understand layer mode a lot more.

Watch a video tutorial on how to use color mode in Photoshop

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Below is step by step images to go along with the video tutorials
In step one, it is an already finished painting of mine, but let say I want an alternate version of her in a blue skin. The easiest way to do this is to use color layer mode to start off with instead of painting the whole skin color over. You can use overlay mode, but it won’t get you the exact color you want like in color mode.
Step two, it is necessary to change the original skin color to gray scale if you want to get the exact color that you want. Because the under color will mix with the color on top when you paint over on color mode layer.

using color mode in Photoshop

using color mode in Photoshop

Step three, I paint blue skin as her alternate version. But it is not done yet because you will also have to make the blue be part of the image. As of now, it looks too blue compare to the rest of the color. We have to harmonize the color and value. Step four the easiest way is make a new normal layer on top then pick the color of shadow in the background and use mid opacity and apply shadow to the blue shadow range. You can also do the same thing with highlight but pick the sky color then make it lighter. This will help apply the base color onto the blue to balance the color in your art work.

how to color in Photoshop

how to color in Photoshop

As you can see below color will not show on white or too light of a value. It won’t show on black or too dark of value either.

color mode photoshop tutorial

color mode photoshop tutorial

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