Zombie ninja digital painting tutorial

Zombie ninja digital painting tutorial. Drawing tutorial Zombie Ninja character design. Well, the last post I did about the first edition of drawing the color sketch zombie ninja didn’t really fit what I had in mind. It came out like a sub-par quality which is kind of disappointing. So I did another quick character design again last night. Most of the important elements of the character I keep, like the goggles, darts, pants (almost Hakama like), etc. This time it is creepier, darker and more menacing. Just like what I actually want the character to be.
If you are a beginner, look for more video tutorial on male body, anotomy and such go watch How to draw man muscles body torso and
How to draw body. Then you could try out the following tutorial.
Anyway, here is my revenge on my own drawing. ANOTHER version (better) of the same character. I am going to name him “Kenishi” and for sure he will be in Kapow Express. Yes, there will be some Japanese Empire army involve because the time line fall into WWII in the Pacific. But I am not sure why is there a zombie ninja. You will have to follow the Manga comics, ha ha.

Here is a zombie ninja

Undead ninja

Undead ninja

Below are step by step how to draw and paint zombie ninja  Step one, I just rough sketch a figure with dual weapon in a ready to dance fighting stance.  Step two, I just paint in some basic shadow.  Step three, I begin to paint his skin color with dead pale blueish hue.  Step four, I paint his arms with red blood to indicate under skin muscle tissues revealing and color on his weapons.  Then I add light and shadow and finish up the concept character.

How to draw zombie ninja

How to draw zombie ninja

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