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Painting Venom video and step by step tutorial. This one is a continuation of my previous drawing of a Venom, How to draw Venom and the other one. In this video, you will learn to paint Venom back light or basically back lighting on a character. It is a short video of digital painting tips and technique. As you know I always say focus on the value when painting and this one is pretty much the same. Also, when painting get to certain point, people often trying to add more which I don’t think that would do any good. I found that if you get correct lighting then simplify will make your painting looks way better and having more detail. Anyway, let’s begin painting Venom and learn some digital painting tips and technique. Venom, or the Venom Symbiote, is a fictional extraterrestrial life form appearing in books published by Marvel Comics, specifically those featuring Spider-Man.

Here is a quick final painting of Venom.



Watch the digital painting video tutorial, painting Venom and back light.

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Below are step by step images process to watch along with video instruction.  Step one, this is a previous drawing that I already have.  Step two, I select what kind of composition I want then I zoom in and crop.  Once I cropped, I paint the figure with medium gray to get the base value I can start off with.  Step three, now I can add a Venom color, grayish purple, then I paint in basic light and shadow on his muscles.   I paint his arm muscles which are shoulder, triceps and biceps.  These are very important when doing comics book characters.  Step four, I refine lighting more and simplify.  Finally, I can add hightlight and hot spot onto the focal area.  Then I am done!  Watch the painting video instruction for more in depth detail.  Enjoy the tutortial.

How to paint Venom step by step

How to paint Venom step by step



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    Wow, you make it so easy when i have to do this in 3 hours and still look like crap.

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    Thank you. Hope you get something from this post.

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    ho-ly-crap im now terrified. but inna good way this is awesome!!

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