Painting reclining female figure

Painting reclining female figure. Here are step by step of my figure study nude reclining lady. Just want to practice more figure and facial structure and hair on this one. Lots of time I spend on her hair and still not to the point that I want from the painting yet. I still have some work to paint more hair and such to get a good result.
In my opinion, painting hair is the same as painting any object from light using light and shadow as guideline, but it slightly trickier because you better off using some sort of texture to refine it along with regular brush, same as in oil painting. Hair is one of the more difficult subject to pull of successfully. But once I heard some master said one should keep it simple like the rest of the painting and not to complicate it. Im still trying to figure out what that means.
In this post studying values and some experimenting on monochrome toward adding some more colors after I define the values as you can see in the step by step images process.
Still a lot more painting to be done.

Here is a final painting of reclining female figure.

reclining female figure painting Painting reclining female figure

reclining female figure painting

Below are step by step images.

painting reclining female figure step by step Painting reclining female figure

painting reclining female figure step by step

Female figure study recline step by step.
Here is the final painting, the whole painting took me about a good few hours. In this color sketch, what I want to try out is making brush strokes more visible and rougher than most of my usual digital painting, kind of like the previous Tutorial portrait painting digital which I did a couple weeks back. It turns out close to what I expected. Recently I feel like I want to explore more on brushes and its texture strokes since I’ve not been using it as much because I wanted to demonstrate in most of my video that default brushes round hard and soft edge can get the job done as good, as long as you understand the foundation of values in general. Many people ask me about custom brushes, what do I use…how can they download it and so on. I just want to point out here that fancy texture brushes will not do you any good if you cannot pull off a decent painting with regular brush in the first place. Yes, there are some trick and such, but you cannot rely on them forever to make you piece shine. What I want most artist to understand is that basic foundation is pretty everything. Go read Three important rules for painting, if one can only master these three (shapes, value, and edges), one can really make his/her own work shine. There are other elements involve, but these three are at the core of your painting or sketch or illustration. Anyway, here is a final nude female figure color study.

how to paint figure recline Painting reclining female figure

how to paint figure recline

reclining female figure painting Painting reclining female figure

reclining female figure painting

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    fuck now that’s all I can see >:(

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