How to draw Elektra

How to draw Elektra from Dare Devil Marvel. Here is another drawing tutorial on comics character, Elektra. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a character from side view of the face and upper body with video instruction and step by step images tutorial. This drawing of Elektra I modified her headband design a little bit. I add a long braid hair on top instead of having it swinging all over the place. But I also leave some hair along the side of her face to keep the look of Elektra, otherwise without might not look like her. I have always like the character, well holding double Sai helps the character to be more to my liking since I love Kung Fu. And Elektra seems to be a martial art expert and always kicking asses. I believe Elektra was created by Frank Millers way back decades ago. Elektra is a female ninja assassin or Kunoichi. She is from Greece. She wields a pair of bladed sai as her trademark weapon. That is pretty all I remembered.

Here is a final sketch of Elektra that I might paint later on.

elektra drawing How to draw Elektra

Elektra drawing

Watch the video tutorial how to draw Elektra. The video is slightly different, but I will have the step by step continue to the full outfit.
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free e book mini How to draw Elektra

Below are eight steps of images how to draw Elektra along with video tutorial.  Step one, we begin to draw basic side view of a person’s face.  I draw circle for base skull shape, then chin line on the right.  Then I draw an eye, tip of a nose, and a line for mouth.  These line are for measurement to begin with.  Step two, I then start drawing over after I had the right proportional sketch.  Step three, I add basic light and shadow to the face.  Step four, now I draw her hair tight back with long braid hair.

side view face people How to draw Elektra

side view face of people

Step five, at this stage I draw out her shoulder and her right arm that is closer to the camera.  Step six, add fingers onto her rough fist hand then Sai, and head cap.  Step seven, now I draw the outline for the whole thing and add medium gray to her costume.  Step eight, I start shading some muscle definition very lightly on her shoulder, triceps, and bicep.  Then finish the drawing.

how to draw Elektra How to draw Elektra

How to draw Elektra

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