Painting Rogue X-men

Painting Rogue X-men. Here is a digital painting of Rogue that I did for fun. It is actually a continuation from the final drawing I did for How to draw Rogue X-men previously.

First of all, it’s been a while. I kind of take some time away and think of what I could do more for this blog that would benefit fellow artists more.
Thanks for all comments and e-mails (again) really appreciate them. Apologize for some that I still did not get to answer, I have been really busy but I am trying to get to them all. Usually I get the blog comment first.   The best way to get your answer the quickest is to post them on idrawgirls facebook page.  I answer them within a day max.  :)
Anyway, apart from making art tutorials, there are many questions from many young artists who wants to make a career out of what they love. So I have been thinking that I should very soon post more information on how to break in or basically how to earn a living from doing art work. As you know, I often post tutorials and job opportunities on my TWITTER feed. So I think that will be a great additional valuable information to this blog. I will come up with more.
And of course I will still be doing tutorials along with it, but I just want this blog to be more valuable than what it’s already is. Because it only make sense that once you get to learn how to draw and paint good, then what’s next? Do you sit around with it? What can you do with it? I will try my best to fill you in.

Here is an unfinished Rogue painting since it’s been a while. I will still need more time to make the painting more refine and final. It is just one of those killing time and practice doodle.

Rogue X-men unfinished painting

Rogue X-men unfinished painting

One more update below.  FYI I need to change her belt, it looks too loose.  ;P

Rogue work in progress

Rogue work in progress

Finished painting of Rogue from x-men.

Rogue x-men

Rogue x-men

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4 Responses to Painting Rogue X-men

  1. Andrew Normandin says:

    Lol i think her boobs look great, i’m learning alot from you Xia so thank you

  2. Pingback: How to draw Rogue X-men | art lesson online

  3. Xia Taptara says:

    Oh really? I did not know that at all, wow I guess I really have to fix it now right? Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much, you are sooooooooooo good. peace!

  4. jring383 says:

    her breats seem a little too high on her chest and too far apart….other than that i love it! Great costume design…nice work again!

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