How to draw X-23

How to draw X23 Laura Kinney from Marvel comics. X-23 is a revamp of the old character from Marvel. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw X-23 face, hair and upper body. This is an easy to intermediate easy to follow drawing video instruction and step by step tutorial. I usually start of with basic portrait sketch and figure just like drawing any regular people. It is important that you should study drawing figure from real people, then you can always use the knowledge to translate it into comics art. It is more difficult the other way around, but it is possible. You will be more versatile if you know how to draw real proportion from real people first hand. Because once you know the actual true proportion then you can use that as a base for any character. In comics, proportion is usually exaggerated or accentuated so knowing anatomy will help you in the long run. Let’s start drawing X-23.

About X-23 origin. Weapon X used the only available genetic sample when creating Wolverine. The sample was damaged, they were unable to salvage the Y chromosome after 22 attempts. Dr. Sarah Kinney then proposed they create a female clone of Wolverine, and though her request was initially denied, she still went ahead and produced a viable female subject, prompting Sutter to reconsider. That is how X-23 was created.

Here is a final drawing of X-23

x-23 drawing Marvel

x-23 drawing Marvel

Watch the drawing video tutorial of X-23 mutant

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Below are step by step drawn images tutorial to watch along with the art video instruction.  Step one, I draw head with x mark inside and the spine line downward.  Step two, I start constructed a facial feature using the previous x mark I have on her head.  Then I rough sketch her torso.  *More explanation in the drawing video tutorial.  Step three, I draw her right arm and forearm.  I intend to show her knuckle blades weapon on this hand.  Step four, I went over her face to finish final line drawn and her shoulder.  Step five, I then use darker line to outline the rest of her body and head as final drawing.  Step six, I paint her hair black and draw final right fist and blades attach to it.  Done!  Watch the drawing video tutorial for more detail instruction from the beginning to the end.

how to draw Marvel x-23

how to draw Marvel x-23

x-23 drawing Marvel

x-23 drawing Marvel

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