How to draw woman soldier

How to draw woman soldier. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a female soldier in comics and cartoon style. The step by step and video tutorial will instruct you to draw from the beginning to finish drawing in the easy to understand. We will start drawing using rough sketch line. After we have all the facial and body proportion in correct place then we will continue to draw finished line over. And you will also learn how to color over a drawing using Photoshop, it could also be done with Gimp.
If you don’t have a tablet and drawing program, it is fine. It is perfectly ok to just follow the tutorial using traditional pencil and paper. The tutorial will show you the drawing steps and its foundation, there is no complicated technical side of the program involve. It is easy to follow drawing tutorial and you will like it.

Here is a final woman soldier drawing

woman soldier How to draw woman soldier

woman soldier

Watch drawing video tutorial how to draw female soldier.

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Below are step by step drawing images of a female soldier.  Step one, I begin sketching out her head shape with helmet, long straight hair along the side of the face, and rough shape for body with right arm.  Step two, I then build more structure with her other arm holding a long stick look shape for a rifle.  Step three, now I begin to add detail to her face, helmet and start to draw her soldier uniform.  Step four, now I have more of the finish drawing for the most part.  Step five, I paint medium gray to add some darker value to her uniform and helmet.  Step six, I use darker shade of gray to create simple shadow on her figure.

how to draw soldier woman How to draw woman soldier

how to draw soldier woman

woman soldier How to draw woman soldier

woman soldier

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