How to paint snow landscape

How to paint snow landscape environmental concept digital painting. How to draw and paint snow rocky mountain environmental concept scene video demonstration. This step by step video show you the easy way to digital painting. We will begin from laying color foundation then start painting each element from snow, rock, cliff, sky and cloud. The painting method we use rely heavily on light and shadow. Because light and shadow is essential to all things visual, without them we will not be able to see anything. So it doesn’t matter what you are trying to paint, all you have to do is mainly observe how light effect your subject and paint from there.

painting snow landscape How to paint snow landscape

painting snow landscape

Watch the video tutorial how to paint snow landscape.

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Below are step by step images tutorial.
Step one, lay down the base color very loosely and try to identify the area of each element with correct measurement.
Step two, now we are blocking in shape for painting then we can also apply hard edge, soft edge and loose edge.
Step three, at this stage I am assigning value to the previously drawn shapes and make them into cliff or patch of snow hanging off or some rocks.
Step four, we can now finish the painting by refining and clean up the image for the final concept painting. Watch the painting video tutorial for more in depth detail instruction.

how to paint snow landscape How to paint snow landscape

How to paint snow landscape

painting snow landscape How to paint snow landscape

painting snow landscape

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