How to paint robot droid soldier

How to paint Mecha robot droid soldier. Learn how to draw simple mecha or mech robot from drawing video and step by step images tutorial. Rough Mecha robot concept design for concept art and illustration. This is a little more than basic step by step how to sketch in the first stage whenever I want to start to come up with concept idea. I usually do this really quick. How to put rough idea onto the paper sketching and create sci-fi character concept art online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, and anime. The video demonstrates how to quickly create an efficient concept design from concept idea into visual. This concept is a Mecha robot soldier droid.

.一步步如何展开素描初步构想,绘画,堵在形状,背景和渲染。 The录像展示了如何快速建立一个有效率的概念设计从概念构思到视力。如何把粗略的概念上的文件素描和创造科幻性质的观念艺术在线教训漫画卡通插图,漫画,动画。

Mecha*, also known as meka or mechs, are walking vehicles controlled by a pilot. Mecha are generally, though not necessarily, bipedal. In most science fiction stories in which they appear, mecha are war machines: essentially armored fighting vehicles with legs instead of treads or wheels (there are some exceptions). Some stories, such as the Japanese manga Patlabor, also encompass mecha used for civilian purposes such as heavy construction work, police functions, or firefighting.

Here is a final Mecha color sketch.

Mecha robot tutorial droid soldier

Mecha robot tutorial droid soldier

Watch a video tutorial how to draw and paint Mecha robot droid soldier.

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Below are step by step easy to follow image with drawing instruction.  Step 1, I start off with just really rough basic shapes for head and shoulder.  Step 2, then I start to branch out from the middle to explore more interesting shapes that would fit the design I have in mind.  Step 3, now I have a more solid design that I can start painting.  Step 4, I lay down base color for the Mecha robot droid.  Step 5, I begin to assign basic light and shadow.  Step 6, I keep refine light and shadow so that it reflect some kind of sheen metal material on the Mecha robot texture on the body.  Tips, light and shadow are the most important key to convey your texture like metal, plastic, skin, fur, etc.

How to draw Mecha robot droid soldier

How to draw Mecha robot droid soldier

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  1. techjunkie says:

    could you expand on what you are selecting in Photoshop for each stage on shading and detailing, the videos don’t make that very clear.

  2. Amit Sadik says:

    Awesome tutorial … thanks!

  3. Amit Sadik says:

    Awesome tutorial … thanks!

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