How to paint gold armor

How to paint gold digital painting tutorial. Art tutorial, draw and paint gold color armor digital illustration photoshop concept art. Learn to draw render and paint gold color Armor digital illustration free step by step and video online tutorial for comic manga, anime, and illustration sketch.
Step by step and video how to render metallic gold reflective surface and quick mark up background. Drawing and rendering technique for creating metal texture surface for character armor. The process shows from basic sketching to finish drawing quick character concept design. The video demonstrates and narrates how to quickly create an efficient sketch for character drawing into visual. The video shows you how to put together your concept idea onto visual character concept art. This tutorial process is very similar to the previous tutorial we did on How to paint metal. Painting is basically using light vs shadow and your good observation skill all together to understand how the material work before you start the actual painting.

Here is a knight in gold armor final color sketch.

gold armor concept art tutorial How to paint gold armor

gold armor concept art sketch

Watch the video tutorial how to paint gold armor.

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Below are step by step images showing you how to paint along with the video tutorial.  Step one, like usual I start off drawing out basic figure.  This time it is a knight armor in natural pose.  Step two, I then paint in the base color which I will us dark gray for now.  Also I assign some very basic shadow onto the armor.  Step three, I then increase the contrast of each part of the armor using light gray to almost white paint.  Then I paint over the existing image using overlay or color layer with yellow or yellow toward green hue.  Step five, now I add more light and shadow.  Then I decide to paint in some warm orange light in the bottom using soft brush.  Step six, I add some warm orange light onto the armor as under lighting, then adjust some of the value.  Then it is done!  Watch the video tutorial for more descriptive in dept instruction on how to paint gold armor.

how to paint gold armor How to paint gold armor

how to paint gold armor

gold armor concept art tutorial How to paint gold armor

gold armor concept art sketch

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