How to draw body in perspective

How to draw body in perspective basic construction for beginner to novice. This tutorial will show you how to draw a basic figure body from perspective top down. The same process can be used for drawing in comics, Manga and ilustration. You will first learn to draw a simplify human body in basic geometry shape. Then we can establish the vanishing point and go from there. It will show you how to draw body from perspective top down using geometric shape with in dept video tutorial and step by step images. Learn to sketch construction lines from geometry shape then slowly transform them into head, torso, arms, hip and legs. Drawing body in perspective can be complicate. But if you know how and practice a lot, it will get easier.

Below is a question from a viewer.
Q: Do you have any tips for drawing extreme perspectives for people?

A: I haven’t done much to make it out standing, but this is an interesting topic and a very artistically stimulating.

Here is a basic human body drawing in perspective.

draw body in perspective How to draw body in perspective

draw body in perspective

And a couple more example

draw body top down perspective foreshortening How to draw body in perspective

draw body perspective top down forshortening

Tutorial for this image go to How to draw action and foreshortening for comics.

draw body perspective foreshortening jump How to draw body in perspective
Tutorial for this image go to How to draw action and foreshortening for comics.

Watch the video tutorial how to draw body in perspective.
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free e book mini How to draw body in perspective

Below are step by step images tutorial to view along with the drawing video instruction.  Step one, I start off drawing a circle as a head, then oval for shoulder and straight line drawn down to the vanishing point.  Step two, I change the circle shape into a tube shape, then same with the body from shoulder along with the lines pointing down to vanishing point.  Step three, instead of a cone shape I draw and then adjust the hip and legs drawing measuring with the reduction size of the cone.   Step four, now I can start sketching out an actual head start with his hair.  Step five, from the top of the head I drew hair, his face, down to shoulder but make sure the proportion goes along with the actual perspective line and proportion we established earlier.  Step six, now I can draw the rest of the body using the established perspective line as guideline.  Watch the video tutorial for more in depth and more detail instruction.

how to draw man in perspective How to draw body in perspective

how to draw man inperspective

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    Can you do a tutorial for bottom to top view of a figure more like a worm’s eye view of a figure.