How to draw dragon slayer

How to draw dragon slayer. This sketch took me about 30 minutes (that’s about how much time I have left to draw at home, other than draw at work.) Anyway, this tutorial is inspired by monster hunter game. I played the game long time ago, and I think this video and step by step tutorial was done in some time in 2007. So it is basically a drawing of a female character from the back side and she is holding a long spear. Also there will be a dragon body in the background without as much detail as the female character in the foreground. In this tutorial, you will learn how to first draw figure or body, then we will design the armor over the figure. This process is use by many concept artists in video game production because it save a lot of time. What we usually do is we make a finished painting of a figure as a template then we design costume or armor over it. That way, we don’t have to keep painting more bodies. We will use variation of body types like thin, medium then thick and so on. Though in this tutorial is not going to be a super finished painting, it will just be a drawing sample then put armor over her.

Here is a drawing of dragon slayer.

draw dragon slayer

draw dragon slayer

Watch the drawing video tutorial how to draw dragon slayer.

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Below are step by step images drawing process of a dragon slayer.  Step one, I draw a spine line than circular shape for her butts and one last line to indicate her outer thigh shape.  Step two, I finished her two thighs below her pelvis then I draw some lines as her arm at rest on her left hip with left shoulder.  Step three, now I draw out the whole back of the body with one arm up in the air.  Step four, I then add a head turning side way and her spear attach to her floating arm.  Step five, now I design her armor over her body.  If you notice, all the pieces of armor are in basic geometry shapes.  Make sure you have an overall good silhouette.  After that, I move on to step six to start off drawing more detail start with her helmet.

how to draw dragon slayer

how to draw dragon slayer

More steps in drawing the rest of the armor detail.  Then in step seven, I design her left shoulder pad and the rest of the left arm.  Step eight, I draw her pony tail out and design the rest of the back body armor.  Her right arm is more bare than the left because it will be easier to wield her weapon.  Then I draw a mini skirt with armor plates and her leggings in detail.  Finally, I look at the over all drawing and see if I could fix or tighten up some of the drawing and design.  Then it is done!

draw dragon slayer detail

draw dragon slayer detail

draw dragon slayer

draw dragon slayer

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  1. Xia Taptara says:

    LOL, possibly. 😉

  2. Sascha says:

    Awesome !! u had to show that with some colors too :)

  3. Awesome!! So, zoom in and zoom out to check whether the composition is nice. Now I know why my digital composition doesn’t feel right, I think that’s because I over-zoom the work! 😀 Thanks so much!!!

    PS: I’m feeling kinda relieved to hear that a pro like you still get difficulty in drawing digitally. You’re totally right! It seems like digital stuffs are better for digital painting rather than digital drawing!

    Really nice tutorial! For only 30 minutes, wow, it’s so wow.

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