How to draw face old man character

How to draw face old man character. This tutorial have video and step by step image on drawing an older man face for character design. This character can be a merchant or a priest. We usually called it secondary characters in video game production or this character is NPC (non playable character) in the game. Other than designing heroes or heroines as playable character, we also have to design NPC to make the world in the game a bit more realistic. These type of character should have unique feature or face and it is really important to make the face easy to recognize because player might have to come back and find the character again later on.
The portrait of a character should have some sort of personality conveying expressive emotion that fits the character type. It might be good guys or bad guys or unknown. This is also an important part of character design and story telling for any art work or project you might be doing. Your concept art has to some how breath life in the process, give your creation or design some personality to sucessfully continue to more refine character development stage.

This tutorial will also show you how to shade or render from basic block in value to finish almost realistic looking portrait.

draw old man face character

draw old man face character

Watch the video tutorial how to draw a face of old man character.

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Below are step by step images so you have better understanding of how the process goes while watching the drawing video tutorial.  Step one, I just draw basic head shape with more width on the bottom because I am looking for a unique looking face.  Then triangular shapes for eyes, slightly big nose.  The tip of the nose is usually half way between eye level and the bottom of the chin.  Then mouth is approximately half way between bottom of the nose and the chin though it can be closer to the nose.  Step two, I add some darker value onto both eye sockets, under the nose, and below the lower lip just right above the ball of chin.  Step three, I increase the darkness of value to overall face.  In four, I start to working on detail within the darker value and outside on the lighter gray around his face.  In five, as you can see it is almost there, face with some emotion.  Watch the video tutorial for in depth instruction and more detail.

How to draw face old man character

How to draw face old man character

draw old man face character

draw old man face character

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  1. sammy says:

    do you have anything on age? Like showing some defining characteristics for each age group per gender?

  2. Leanne Huynh says:

    Many thanks! I’ve always had trouble figuring out the opacity for my brushes.

  3. Leanne Huynh says:

    Do you have your opacity set on Pen Pressure or is it always 100% Opacity? Or do you adjust it depending on what you’re doing?

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