How to paint Ironman Warmachine

How to paint Ironman Warmachine from Ironman 2 speedpainting. Here is another video how to draw comics character series, but this one take a little twist, I’m approaching into sort of a cinematic painting practice or study. Saw Ironman 2 trailer a few weeks ago and was going to do it then. But I didn’t get a chance to finish video until now. It was a great practice 30-40 mins speedpainting. This is a quick digital speed painting tutorial using Photoshop. Most standard speedpaint any concept artist would do is about half an hour to a few hours, no more than that. And it is mostly done in just one sitting or session.
A brief information about Ironman or Tony Stark. He is a billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer. Stark suffers a severe chest injury during a kidnapping in which his captors attempt to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. He creates a powered suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity. He later uses the suit to protect the world as Iron Man. Through his Stark Industries, Tony has created many military weapons, some of which, along with other technological devices of his making, have been integrated into his suit, helping him fight crime.

Here is a speedpainting of Ironman and War Machine

Painting Ironman and Warmachine tutorial

Painting Ironman and Warmachine tutorial

Watch a painting video tutorial how to paint Ironman and Warmachine.

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Below are step by step how to paint Ironman and Warmachine.  Step 1, I just paint a rough shape for background using big brush and draw two figures in the front using smaller brush.  Step two, I just lay down the over all color scheme using green.  In figure 3, now I am painting dark gray over both figures.  Step four, I start adding some light and shadow onto the figures.  Step five, I paint some color onto Ironman body and add some lighter value to create a fire or spark like effect for the gun fire.  Then I just keep on adjusting shape, value and color.  To learn more about how to draw and paint this watch the video tutorial with in depth instruction.

how to draw Ironman and War Machine

how to draw Ironman and War Machine


Painting Ironman and Warmachine tutorial

Painting Ironman and Warmachine tutorial

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