How to draw Chun Li Street Fighter

How to draw Chun Li Street Fighter from drawing video instruction and step by step. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw woman body comics or video game character design style. Basically, if you want to be able to draw or design a female character, you should know how to draw basic female figure realistically. It will help a lot if you know female basic anatomy and figure shape from realistic or classical drawing style first. True, there are many professional artists that might not have background in life drawing or figure study in the past. But I would highly recommend that because it will make you more versatile as an artist. And you will have more advantage applying your anatomy knowledge into your drawing better than if you don’t know basic anatomy at all. Anyway, in this post, you will learn how to sketch and construct a basic female figure for comics and character design. The video tutorial will show you to draw body starting from basic shape then going into refining and make it looks good at the professional level. It is all about practice, and don’t be discourage if you could not draw it the first trial. Watch the video and practice multiple times will also help you a lot. There might be a lot of things that you miss if you just watch the video tutorial once. I have been drawing and painting professionally for a decade so I often packed in a lot of information in the video tutorial. But whether you watch it once or more times, I am sure you will learn something from the tutorial.
Chun-Li is a special agent for the Internation Criminal Police Organization. Her story begins in Street Fighter Alpha 2, where she is trying to find her father, who has gone missing on an assignment. She receives a lead from Gen, a friend of her father’s and her former sensei, and begins tracking the movements of M. Bison and his criminal empire, Shadaloo. She finally tracks down M. Bison and demands that he tell her what happened to her father.

Here is a final drawing of Chun Li face and body.

Chun Li drawing

Chun Li drawing

Watch art video tutorial lesson how to draw Chun Li from Street Figther

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Below are step by step images how to draw Chun Li character along with the video instruction.  Step one, I start out with spine line sketching out “C” or “S” curve for natural body stance.  Then I draw a head and torso on top of the spine line direction.  Step two, I add in her hip (pelvis) and upper legs.  The drawing at this stage are very light.  Step three, now I can start drawing both arms out base on the body that I have.  Step four, once I have the basic layout for the body, I check if I have the correct proportion.  If nothing needs to be fixed, then I can start drawing final darker line.  Step five, at this stage, I start using darker line to finalize the character drawing starting with her face.  Step six, now I can finished the rest of the body.

How to draw Chun Li

How to draw Chun Li

Chun Li drawing

Chun Li drawing

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