How to draw basic robot

How to draw basic robot easy to follow step by step drawing. This tutorial are very basic robot, it is very useful when you are trying to get down a rough idea for your thumbnail design. This is a very basic step by step how to sketch in the first stage whenever I want to start to come up with concept idea. I usually do this really quick, it should take no longer than 3 to 5 minutes. It’s a thumbnail sketch, and I do a lot of them in the sketch book just to get variation of ideas before I decide with on to pick and finalize. You could probably do it 7 to 10 in a row and take a break. Pick one or two you really like. Then do more until you have about 30-40 robot in different poses if you may.

Here is a basic robot drawing

Draw robot tutorial

Draw robot tutorial

Below are step by step how to draw basic robot.  Step one, I start with its body shape, I was thinking round circular shape.  Step two, I added big square shoulder pads and pivotal pelvis.  Step three, I draw two huge mechanical arms and smaller legs.

how to draw robot step 1

how to draw robot step 1

Step four, I place its head right around the middle of its circular body and draw hand with fingers.  Step five, I draw out big over size bolts around the shoulder pads and huge rotating gear at the end of the pad or side shoulders.  In six, I draw his face with big robot smiley teeth.

How to draw robot step 2

How to draw robot step 2

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After step six, most of the body, shape and proportion are in place.  Now I just need to draw in mechanical detail and make it industrial or man made clunky looking.  And done!

How to draw robot

How to draw robot

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  1. RetroB1991 says:

    Really helped me figure out an easy way to draw a torso. Thanks

  2. Xia Taptara says:

    Thank you, it’s a funky robot. 😉

  3. Xia Taptara says:

    Awesome! I am glad it works out. That’s make this as mission accomplished? 😉

  4. MLM Software says:

    Easy tutorial for beginners like me i like drawing & painting. I have tried drawing robot but i take too long for me as i found it difficult. But this tutorial gave me an idea of how to make it quick.

  5. Agulenin says:

    haha , love it. its simple but great ^^

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