How to draw fist 5 different ways

How to draw fist 5 different ways. How to draw fist hand 5 different ways step by step and video tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you the easiest way possible to draw fist for you to implement in Manga or comics. It is always easier to break down complex object into simple shapes. By logically analyzing the object and break it into simple shapes and forms, you can basically able to draw everything possible.
Here is another video and step by step how to draw hand basic video tutorial instead of fists or clinch hands. There is also more hand tutorials both how to draw hand holding sword and Drawing hand holding a gun

Here are some fist hand drawing

how to draw fists How to draw fist 5 different ways

how to draw fists

Watching basic drawing video instruction how to draw fists

free e book mini How to draw fist 5 different ways

Here are some images of the process of how I draw fists step by step below.
1) I start off with simple square shape.
2) I then add a rectangle shape on top as a rough shape for a thumb.
3) Add two more rectangle inside the initial square, top one serves as a rough guideline for index and middle fingers. The bottom one serves as a guideline for ring and pinky fingers.

how to draw fist hands How to draw fist 5 different ways

how to draw fist hands

4) Then draw a vertical line cross both of the smaller rectangles. As they indicate the pivot point on fingers.
5) Add shading as shown and refine the shape of the thumb.

how to draw fist 2 How to draw fist 5 different ways

how to draw fist step 2

Here is a sample of fist drawing

drawing fist How to draw fist 5 different ways

drawing fists

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