Drawing man arm muscles in action pose

Drawing man arm muscles in action pose. Learn to draw arm muscle, bicep tricep and shoulder anatomy muscular figther type man step by step and video tutorial. The following tutorial is part of male muscle anatomy study. I am studying the sketch, draw and render from the side view of muscular arm character design study that can be use for comics, manga, anime and video game concept art. Learn how to draw simplify arm muscle structure and upper body using simple shapes and render.

There is also a few more basic tutorial that involve in drawing arm and body (torso) if this is too fast drawing to watch draw arm muscles side view, how to draw man upper body basic, How to draw man muscles body torso, How to draw body Skinnier version and Draw and sketch woman step by step.
Here is a drawing of arm muscles in action pose.

how to draw arm muscles

how to draw arm muscles

Watch a video lesson how to draw arm muscles in action pose.

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Below are step by step image how to draw arm muscles in action pose step by step.  Step one, I draw a rough body structure of a male body in ready to strike pose very loosely.  Step two, I draw a darker line over and refine all the muscles anatomy of arm and part of the body.  Step three, now I paint in a mid tone gray onto the body with basic two value on it for lighting reference.  Step four, I shade and render the body more to get the muscles shape to stand out and make them look more muscular and realistic.  Watch the video tutorial carefully for more detail on how to draw and shade the muscles.

draw arm muscles step by step

draw arm muscles step by step

Here is a drawing of arm muscles structure construction.  I separate out shoulder, shoulder blades, bicep, triceps and forearm muscles for easy understanding.

arm muscles anatomy construction

arm muscles anatomy construction

Here is a final drawing of arm muscles in action pose.

how to draw arm muscles

how to draw arm muscles

More traditional anatomy drawing lesson.
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    Thank you, glad it is helpful. 😉

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    Nice Explaination Xia on how to breakdown the arm muscles really helpful

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