Draw arm muscles back view

Draw arm muscles back view. This video tutorial will show you how to draw arm muscles from the back view along with step by step images. Drawing human anatomy tutorial demonstrate arm muscle from the back. Learn drawing and sketching from video tutorial and step by step images. This tutorial will show you how to draw basic arm muscles in male anatomy from the back side. I usually start of with basic geometry shapes to simplify the forms and process. After you have a rough shape or under drawing then you can start tightening up your drawing creating Deltoids or shoulder muscles.
Then along the way down we have slightly view of bicep from inner arm then triceps muscle is highly visible or dominant the upper arm toward the further away the body.
Then down to forearm, moving from closer to body to way outward, we have Pronator, Bluge, and Extensor closer below to the wrist. Watch the video down below then you will know exactly where to locate, draw and sketch the mentioned muscle groups.
This tutorial is part of anatomy study of male muscle groups that can be used for comics, manga, anime and video game concept art. Learn how to draw simplify arm muscle structure start with using simple shapes to finish pencil render.

Arm muscle Back View

Draw arm muscles back view

Draw arm muscles back view

Watch video traditional drawing instruction how to draw arm muscles back view.

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If you are interested in more similar tutorials there are How to draw arm muscles side view and how to draw arm muscles front view. There is also a few more basic tutorial that involve in drawing arm and body (torso) if this is too fast drawing here: How to draw man muscles body torso, Draw and sketch woman step by step, and How to draw body Skinnier version. Below are step by step drawing arm muscle side view.

how to draw arm step by step back

how to draw arm step by step back

And continue to next drawing.
Draw arm muscle step 2

Draw arm muscle step 2

Draw arm muscles back view

Draw arm muscles back view


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    I loved it. I was always confused about the elbow part, but it’s shown quite clearly right here. Thank you!

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