How to paint character in steel armor

How to paint character in steel armor. Paladin female warrior in steel armor with bunny design. It is finally done! It takes me about 6-8 hours to actually paint total. Continuing from previous post, the idea derives from the year of the rabbit. It has been quite a while since I did a heavy knight set type of armor. I used to do it everyday at ArenaNet. :-) So I guess I miss making heavy armor design a bit. So partially I think I did it to satisfy my character with armor design craving.
In this design, I first just focus on the shape of the overall body (silhouette). Once I figured out the silhouette I am looking for, I will start to paint and render them out. It is a lot easier to get the big picture down first, then paint in little tiny detail afterward. You can have in mind what kind of detail and design you are aiming for, but just keep it at bay until you can settle with your overall look of the armor as a whole.
Most of the time when I work on the armor designs, silhouettes is probably the most important element to begin with. I will sketch tons of thumbnails of different silhouettes, then pick and choose. Because if you can variety of cool looking silhouettes, then for sure they will all look different when you get down to really draw and paint them. Anyway, that is just some tips. It will save you a lot of time in character design process. Also get you variety of different design in a quick way.

And here is the final design of the Paladin.  For a full length of +2 hours tutorial go to

Paladin character concept tutorial

Paladin character concept tutorial

Here are step by step painting Female Paladin in Steel Armor.

how to design character with armor

how to design character with armor

how to paint Paladin character concept

how to paint Paladin character concept

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Paladin character concept tutorial

Paladin character concept tutorial

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    can u post how to draw armor tutorials?

  2. Xia Taptara says:

    No problem. Glad it helps. 😉

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    thank you for this sir, your tutorials are very helpful

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