Soul reaper creature concept art tutorial

Soul reaper creature concept art tutorial. How to draw, color, and paint creature concept design step by step tutorial. This tutorial is more intermediate and require a more experience artist. You should already know how to paint digitally in any painting program. Then you can follow the step by step how to creature monster concept art design lesson and instruction below.

soul reaper concept art Soul reaper creature concept art tutorial

Soul reaper monster

This tutorial is from the previous pic that I post a few days ago. I have this idea about the creature or monster race that consume people’s body into itself and use them as energy source and walk around with bodies all over it. It came to me when I was about falling asleep sketching. Andrew Jones (Android) actually told me about this trick a few years back at the sushi place. He was talking about if you sketch during you are half asleep, you can actually came up with something wicked. He also said he got it from Ian McCaig (Iain McCaig). So thanks to those guys, I actually found it really useful when I try to come up with something out there. They called it “Lucid Sketch”.
Anyway, the final image, which took me a few hours to finish, turn out to be one of my favorite.
and here it is a step by step.
1) I scanned in the really loose sketch I had from my Lucid drawing. I set the sketch on a separate layer as multiply (or overlay whatever reads better) on top of the desaturated cool tone the background. Then I painted underneath the sketch layer to fill in the simple shape and
check the composition if it would work.
2) Then I collapsed all the layer (I don’t like working in layers in Photoshop, I like to make it feel like I can actually paint). This stage I assign shape, value and color, make it simple and soft as if in oil painting we called under painting. At this stage you can see that I painted out big shape or blocking it out. Look at the arm, shoulder of the monster and the girl. Do not worry about the detail, just think over all pic.

how to draw paint soul reaper monster Soul reaper creature concept art tutorial

Soul reaper concept art tutorial

3) After that, I zoom out and take a look and if it’s readable, I will go in and tighten up the big shape and assigning darker and lighter value…though still maintain the big shape and look for overall readability.
4) Then if the overall image looks ok, I will go in and start filling in detail it deserves. On this one I start out with or around its focal point. I am freshing out its fangs, head and around. From this stage, I will usually expand the detail painting from the focal point. Try to maintain the value (it’s crucial). I sometimes tend to go over. Keep the value under or level with the already fresh out area you finished to maintain the overall balance.
5) As you can see, I expand the detail painting from the mouth all the way down to its shoulder, arm, and around. Then I start freshing out the girls on its back and try not to over do her. Think big shapes and don’t get cough up in detail. I keep all the value under control on this one. (Keep in mind when paint in digital, sometimes you get carry away with too much because you can mix or pick the color that doesn’t really exist and it will unbalance the over all image.) Keep your palette within existing color scheme of the image, use your under painting as a palette. Do not go too high in value.

soul reaper concept art Soul reaper creature concept art tutorial

Soul reaper monster

6) Here it is. I add a few more things on the final stage. But before that, remember to check it in gray scale, flip the image and work on it for a while. If everything looks alright, then take step 4, 5, and finally get overall picture detail up the the level like I fresh out the girl on the bottom and fresh out some part of the monster body, nothing big just have to bring it out to balance the overall image and readability. I also add some quick warm under lighting to accentuate it a nice silhouette and set some mood.
And hope the tutorial helpful to you

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