How to draw Sabre tooth dragon

How to draw Sabre tooth dragon a fantasy creature design learn from video lesson and step by step images short and easy.
Another Dragon concept design draw and sketch demo online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime.

Another day another Dragon design. Let’s see how long I can come up with these until I got bored. I am trying to do as many variation of a dragon as I can come up with…this one is just a sketch..

Here is a sketch drawing of Sabre tooth dragon creature concept

Sabre tooth dragon

Sabre tooth dragon

Watch the video tutorial how to draw Sabre tooth dragon

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First, I start by sketch out a simple geometry shape for the head of the creature.
Second, I expand shape and make its head a bit longer.
Third, I connect the head with long massive neck below.
Fourth, then I begin to draw out its face. Also at this stage, I give it Sabre tooth.
In 5, I sketch out more detail on the face, horn and and scales around its neck.
Step 6, I then finish drawing the rest of the face and neck.
Watch the video tutorial for more in depth detail of how to process.

how to draw sabre tooth dragon

how to draw sabre tooth dragon

Sabre tooth dragon

Sabre tooth dragon

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