How to draw Ogre

How to draw Ogre creature monster character concept art for manga, anime, comics and fantasy illustration .
Learn how to draw and sketch Ogre. First we start off with simple sketch that simplify torso and upper body of humanoid or Orge body using simple geometry shape for Manga Anime comic step by step video tutorial explain. Learn to sketch construction line for humanoid or Orge body. Torso and pelvis step by step basic sketching online lesson for cartoon illustration, manga, anime and comics. Learn to sketch and construct a basic body form quickly.

drawing ogre How to draw Ogre

Ogre drawing

Watch the video lesson how to draw Ogre.

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Below are step by step images drawing Ogre.
Step 1, I start out with circular shape for a head then a huge square shape down below it for body.
Step 2, I slowly adding left arm by drawing shoulder, upper arm and really exaggerate huge forearm with big hand.  Then I drew the other arm in up position because he will carry big hammer.
Step 3, I get closed up and draw his face start with little pair of eyes, huge wide nose, and big wide mouth with pronounce under bite.
Step 4, I finish up the rest of his head.
In image 5 and 6, I finish up the rest of his body.  Watch the video lesson above to get in depth instruction how to draw an Ogre.

how to draw ogre How to draw Ogre

how to draw ogre

drawing ogre How to draw Ogre

Ogre drawing

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