How to draw a nose

How to draw a nose step by step front view facial video tutorial. Another facial structure sketch and drawing study.

Now I am kind of back to basic stuff partly because I want to test out some video recording and timing of the drawing duration. There has been many request about drawing a nose so here it is. It is true that many artist struggling with drawing and sketching nose. One thing to keep in mind is that, when drawing a nose don’t think of it as a nose, just draw or sketch according to lighting and provide the drawing with values you really see, not what you think you see or what it should look like from your imagination. Once you nail it down (drawing nose), you can then re-imagine how to correctly drawing a nose using value and line combination and how you see fit and actually make a nose looks pretty as it should.

For a full sketch of face or female portrait tutorial you can go watch How to draw lesson girl face, How to draw person head basic, drawing human’s head female face. A little more intermediate step by step and video tutorial would be digital painting tutorial rogue samurai female. If you want to improve in your drawing and sketch.
For a little more in depth of male figure and body part video tutorials, go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomy step by step and video. Then Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep one of our most viewed and most favorite for many. The more you draw and watch video tutorial and study, the better and faster you will get… there is no way around that, these videos help so many people and in turn it helps me realize my own process and improve at the same time as I review them. So thank to you guys. And good luck!

nose drawing

nose drawing

Watch and learn from the video drawing instruction how to draw nose

Watch how to draw a nose from another angle


Below are step by step drawing nose easy to follow and go along with the video lesson.

how to draw nose

how to draw nose

nose drawing

nose drawing

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  1. Kay says:

    Thanks but I will never get it right.

  2. Thanks! The concepts that you have putted here was totally good. It really give us an acquirable techniques and it is very easy to adopt even if we are just new to this kind of works.

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  4. Gustavo says:

    Nice tut Xia.

  5. CoachPatrickROCKS!!!! says:


  6. Downs says:

    Any advice with the women nose ?
    I can’t get it right!!
    Thank’s for the tutorial, it help me improve a lot.

  7. Hey There says:

    This is really helpful. Thank’s a lot!!

  8. FAQyomadder says:

    It’s still really hard cause I’m shit

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  10. Courtneymoo says:

    that was crap… it didnt help me at all it made it worse

  11. Akigatoblu says:

    Thank’s a lot, you’re right it’s kind of intimidating when you drawing the nose, the draw i’ve got it’s not bad, thanks again pal

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