Sucker Punch digital painting tutorial

Sucker Punch digital painting tutorial. Sucker Punch movie digital painting process speedie. I am waiting for my Sucker Punch concept art book. It still has not yet arrive, hopefully some time today. So I just watched the trailer again and study the cinematic shots (paused it). Some of the great artists I know often study movie screenshots, apart from painting and drawing from life. Drawing and painting from still life is very essential to all artists, though screenshots from many great visual movie can compliment your art skill in composition arrangement. Most of really great cinematographers have eye for edgy and great compositions. Still screenshots can be very useful for studying. And this is what I am doing for this post.

There are many things I can learn from studying really good screenshot. First of all is composition. As you can see the one I painted, it has nice anticipation moment with some great element that catch your eyes. Then I can also learn great lighting from it. Lighting is very important in painting because without light source, your painting would be just a pitch black canvas.

In this one, I just start sketching out the two main elements, characters, in the scene first. Then I look for where the dark arrange within the composition and I went after it. When I am done arranging the dark part, as you can see in the second panel. If you think about it, there is not really that much left to do except for giving the painting more lighting and hue variation. Do it right, it should not take you much time to study. Unless you want to craft out your masterpiece. Study like this can be really useful in the future when you just have to paint some concept piece without references. It makes you see how lighting and composition works. The more study you do, the better understanding of lighting you will be.

Here is my final Sucker Punch screenshot speedpainting (approx 1 hr 30 mins)

sucker punch digital painting

sucker punch digital painting

Digital painting video tutorial of Sucker Punch.

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Here are step by step Sucker Punch screenshot painting concept study.

digital painting tutorial sucker punch

digital painting tutorial sucker punch

Here is my final Sucker Punch screenshot speedpainting (approx 1 hr 30 mins)

sucker punch digital painting

sucker punch digital painting

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2 Responses to Sucker Punch digital painting tutorial

  1. Xia Taptara says:

    You can use default round soft and hard to begin with, then adjust and tweak your custom brush after you get used to the default looks and feel of edges.
    These articles will help.

  2. Brent Mccarthy says:


    I’m a professional comic book illustrator that is trying to teach myself how to speed paint, or really just get a nice painterly style in PS. I’ve been going through your site and reading/watching all that i can to at the very least give myself an artschool refresher on painting. What I’m having a hard time finding in PS are brushes that will give me a soft edge like your always mentioning. I know your also mentioning to not be concerned with what brush your using and you sort of just randomly choose whatever brush you think will work. So far I haven’t really found any brushes that will give me a nice soft edge accept the standard round soft brush.

    If you could throw me a few tips as to where i could find some softer edge brushes I’d very much appreciate it.


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